Laboratory Micro Centrifuge Tube 1.5ml With Conical Bottom

The WeLab microcentrifuge 1.5ml is a high-performance laboratory tool.  It can help to make accurate suspension volume measurements, see-through any liquid combinations, and handle various centrifuge speeds and temperatures without breaking or having any leaks. It is an apparatus with guaranteed performance.

Product Details


The microcentrifuge tube 1.5ml is a convenient apparatus for use in a centrifuge. The tube is small in size, can store a volume of 1.5ml suspension, and has a tight-fitting flat cap. The fitting and robust snap cap protects samples from contaminants and prevents spillage when separating the suspension contents, leakage when loading the samples or in the centrifuge.  The measure ensures it can fit into any centrifuge in a modern lab and is easy to handle using one hand. The tube is stable under higher or lower temperatures, can withstand the high-speed centrifuge, and is non-reactive to the suspensions used.


Polypropylene is a robust material, longer-lasting, and highly stable. It is transparent, allowing laboratory professionals to see through the materials when measuring samples under study.

Polypropylene is flash-free. Also, it does not react with suspensions reducing bubble formation. Also, it does not stain easily.

Graduation and Marking Area

The centrifuge tube is applicable in many areas, including accurate measurements due to the graduation marks for liquids measuring 1.5ml or less.

Also, every 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube has a white writing area for labeling the contents of the tube.

Item No. Description Qty/Pk
WLMT-15F Microcentrifuge Tube,1.5ml, PP, with Attached Snap Cap 500

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