Urine container 100ml

WeLab urine container 100ml provides ample volume for the transportation and storage of specimens in a modern laboratory. The container has a screw cap, rounded base, quality polypropylene material, leakproof, and accurate graduation and writing area molded onto the tube walls. The container is a versatile scientific tool with a wide range of applications and uses.

Product Details


The manufacturing process utilizes a quality and medical-grade polypropylene material. Its robust and stable nature ensures no reactions with any specimen added to it. It is easy to store and stack in a small storage space or study equipment with a regular base.

Graduation and Molded Writing Area

WeLab urine container has accurate graduation marks to the 100ml volume mark. These provide precision and accuracy markers for liquid-based specimens and ensures actual sample transfers for use in a study.  Thus, it ensures optimal reactions and comprehensive but reliable outcomes. Molded writing area is used to note the patient’s name, number, date and other information.

Screw Cap

You can seal the container using the screw cap. It fits firmly on the tube, is easy to open and close with its threaded surface. The cap prevents contamination by sealing in the samples. Although the container is designed for urine sample collection, you can also store and collect other biological samples in a laboratory. Also, it is leakproof.

  1. Material: PP
  2. Volume:100ml
  3. Individual flow pack is available
  4. For urine and specimen collection
  5. Leak-proof
  6. With molded writing area
  7. With graduation
Item No. Description
WLUR-100-I Urine container, 100ml, with screw cap, STERILE, Individually Wrapped
WLUR-100-B Urine container, 100ml, with screw cap, non-sterile, in bulk


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