Beveled Edge Slides

Designed for blood smearing. Beveled Edge Slides feature 45degree beveled edges and corners which secure grasp during smearing.

Highly polished edges spread the blood or fluid evenly.

Product Details

Function and Advantages

The WeLab beveled edge slides are ideal for blood smears and other liquids. The edges of the beveled slides are smooth and flawless, ensuring an even flow of fluid samples. The consistent spread of the sample provides a larger study area so that the elements in the study sample are easy to see and identify. A wide study area eliminates mistakes that may occur if the study isn’t evenly distributed.

The beveled edge slides have an angle of 45 degrees that ensure you have a sturdy grasp on the slide when smearing the sample for study onto the slide.

The beveled edge slides from WeLab are clean and ready for use upon delivery. The soda-lime glass material making up the slide is easy to clean and disinfect or sterilize. Since the slide is autoclavable, it can be put in sterilizing equipment using steam or heat.


Size and Thickness



WeLab offers clients a chance to order specialized slide sizes or thicknesses to match their study needs.


Plain, Frosted, and Color Frosted Beveled Slides

Plain, frosted, or colored beveled edge slides are available. The plain one is economy. The frosted one makes it easy for the user to mark using a pen and does tear in the process. The colored frosted type can be printed and are perfect for differentiating the samples under study for comparisons.

Choose the most applicable slide depending on the needs. If conducting a blood smear test, the beveled edge slides are the most practical. WeLab provides these and more.


Code No. and Description

Item No. Description
WL7101B Plain, beveled edges
WL7105B Frosted 1 end 1 side, beveled edges
WL7107B Frosted 1 end 2 sides, beveled edges
WL7109B Color frosted sides, beveled edges

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